Chicagoan Designs a Bag for the Homeless

View of the bag, in carry-mode

Life on the streets, without a home in Chicago can be brutal. Chicagoan, Ron Kaplan decided to create something to make is a little easier, by designing a sturdy backpack. Kaplan founded the CITYPAK project with a moving/changing lifestyle in mind. Its utilitarian design and extra storage, while being practically impervious to always-changing weather.

On October 10-11, 2,000 backpacks were distributed in homeless shelters and other locations in Chicago with the support of Ed Shurna of The Chicago Coalition of the Homeless,

The website is so beautiful that it makes the backpack look like a designer bag. (I’d use it). With slide images showcasing its theft protection pockets, nylon outer shell or the load bearing straps, I could see this bag being sold in REI.

Kaplan worked with Hank Bernbaum, president of Chicago-based High Sierra Sport Company, and later met with Mike Angelini, a member of High Sierra’s design team to determine the features. SBK, a Kaplan family organization, has been active since 1990 and includes CITYPAK as the latest addition to an extensive list of outreach programs.


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