Elvis is missing

The news of the Crying Elvis painting stolen from the Museum of Bad Art (MOBA) in Sommerville, Massachusetts was almost as shocking as the realization that the museum exists.

Tuesday morning, MOBA curator Michael Frank, discovered the painting was missing. Boston’s Channel 7 News reported that the original Crying Elvis was purchased at a yard sale. Frank would have preferred the theft had also purchased their own Crying Elvis at a yard sale instead of stealing it.

News sources have had a hoot with their language using phrases such the curator was all shook up or any idea if the theft is wearing blue suede shoes or the artist has something to cry about. Ok. We get it.

The MOBA collection of mostly paintings initially began as a private collection in a basement in Boston. And now it lives in another basement – a bigger basement – in a theater. The museum appreciates art that would not be appreciated or exhibited in another gallery. As Frank said to Channel 7 News, “These are all pieces that someone created in all earnestness to create a piece of art…but clearly something went wrong.”

Of course, with a name like Museum of Bad Art, I had to google it.

My top 4 paintings (featured on the MOBA website):


Mama and Babe
Sarah Irani, 1995
24″ x 30″, Acrylic on Canvas
Donated by the artist
This is a painting about aliens and equality.

Mary Todd Lincoln

Frank B. Oldfield
25″ x 31″, Acrylic and plastic on lace
Donated by the artist

Excuse me, Mrs. Lincoln, are you feeling ok?
You’re looking a little like Elvis’ blue suede shoes.



22″x36″ Oil on Canvas
Purchased at by M. Frank at a Boston thrift store

If this guy sends a message to the sun, the sun will tweet it.


Hollywood Lips

by Anonymous
Oil on cardboard

Look at those luscious lips.
or (she has a neck turd). sorry. had to.

I still don’t know if Crying Elvis will ever be in the museum collection again. But at least these will be.


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