Bike Stands

So I’m a geek about bike stands. I blame it on the artist collective I’m part of that’s filled with bike builders among many other working artists and professionals. The bicycle itself has an amazing shape. With many hours of removing paint from the frame and fork, I’ve been noticing the subtle differences in each one.

Bicycle stands are also a functional design that often get overlooked. Standard ones look like this:

As the photo above is a sweet computer sketch, we know them more as this: beat up, abused, usually rusty….sometimes a place for people to park their shopping carts.

Designers see them as potential projects for combining functionality with incredible style. Or efficiency in the case of designer, André Moreira Dias.

Meet 45Bici, a modular bike rack system with urban sprawls in mind. Bike-friendly cities and countries are rejoicing. Bending at a 45-degree angle, Dias was thinking about space saving. Pedestrians can whiz around them due to the angle, thus making them less obtrusive to all sidewalk dwellers (i.e. stroller moms with matching mocha-latto-lattes, waddling tourtists and cyborg-bluetooth businessmen).


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