Extravagant Expo Art

20120920-233111.jpgWednesday afternoon/evening had Navy Pier bombarded by artists, curators and collectors for Expo Chicago. Galleries traveled for miles to be present from September 20-23. The VIP preview Vernissage, was the first viewing of the fair

The contemporary and modern artwork was impressive as the expansive lofted conference space, Festival Hall. Jeanne Gang and her studio architects were in charge of designing the layout of the interior environment. The floor plan was easy to navigate and provided open views to the artwork.

Chosen are a few pieces from the show that stood out for design and style.

1. DZINE, La Perla, 2008

The Over-the-top customized 1977 Correct Craft Boat. The artist had too much time and money for this piece. But it sure looked like a comfortable ride.

20120920-232711.jpg         20120920-225414.jpg
2. Art is a Doctor, 2012
An interactive gallery from Berlin. Take a seat and choose a card, any card, and a German nurse will disappear behind the wall. Moments later, she’d return with a laminated piece of artwork. “This is your pill,” she said in her white coat and German accent. One of the nurses was secretly one of the artists. The curator and owner of the gallery thought the interactive method would attract more people to view the art and understand it, rather than just standing in front of it and passing on.


3. Inigo Manglano-Ovalle, Dirty Bomb, 2008

Designed from fiberglass, epoxy, aluminum and mud, this giant bomb hung nearby the Art is a Doctor exhibit. It was very smooth and inviting to touch.


4. Markus LinnenbrinkIlluminatethewhereandwhoweare, 2012

5. Jacob Hashimoto, Super-elastic collisions, 2012

Rhona Hoffman has a current exhibition of Hashimoto work from September 14-October 20. How this man has so much patience is beyond imagination.



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