What do trash trucks and Lichtenstein have in common?

Nothing. But being woken up by a 747 Flood Brothers Trucks, whose name would make more sense as the Floor-it Bros., sends me flying out of bed and to my blogging post. As of Monday, I’ve been gazing at my new computer background: a section of a Lichtenstein painting.

Labor Day 2012, the Art Institute of Chicago kept it’s lights on a little later to accommodate for the thousands of people lining up to see Roy Lichtenstein: A Retrospective (May 16-September 3). I was one of the few to browse around the artist’s achievements before closing time at 5 p.m. Some however, were still lined up down the hall to the Lichtenstein gift shop. Featuring over 150 works, this was the first major retrospective to span his life works. The man was talented and his early beginnings were inspired by Abstract Expressionism. Image

He experimented with a series of brushstrokes which allowed for a study of blending paint on the canvas. His later pop art paintings of advertisements for a washing machine or Keds shoes showcase his trademark dots. Lichtenstein is most known for his comic images in a part of the show curated as War and Romance. 

To see his work up close, truly shows the magnitude of what this guy was up to. Even looking up some of the images online later is nothing like being there in person. And this morning during the Flood Brothers show in my alley, I was wishing I was standing in front of his 1965  Explosion painting.



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