The Design Witness Philosophy

The Design Witness is a visual observation of style and structure. Through articles, photos and videos, from my own world wanderings and beyond, this is a collection of reviews revolving around the design world. As a practicing metal artist, I will have different sets of criteria for review:  technical construction (materials used, etc.), usability, consistency, influences and innovation.

New, upcoming designers and the masters are to be included as influences and authority in this process of collecting materials. Industrial design furniture will shape the boundaries for The Design Witness and other influential design categories will surface throughout the journey.

While my employment as a Chicago welder is a consistent flow in building others’ designs, becoming a spectator and reviewer outside the metal shop, results in the flux of personal creativity. The Design Witness will strive for a broad philosophy of style, embedded in the perception that we have a growing and changing relationship with design. This broad philosophy targets at a community of artists, readers, writers, while never excluding the occasional world wide web passerby.


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